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Address: Głuchówek 26 S, 96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland
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By focusing on the development of our Manufacture of Good Taste and Health “SOLOMIJKA”, we are very willing to cooperate:

  • with health food stores in all over the Europe,
  • with other entities involved in the sale of healthy food from all European States
  • with individuals from all over the Europe who would like to become ambassadors of the SOLOMIJKA brand on preferential terms,
  • other local and niche producers of healthy food or regional and artisanal food from all over the Europe with whom we could support each other in promoting and trading our unique products,
  • producers of interesting and attractive packaging, mainly paper and ecological, including gift packaging.

Persons and entities interested in cooperation, please contact us by phone: 516 010 147 or email: